September 29, 2006

Casino Cocktail Friday -- Poker and Campari


Today's Casino Cocktail Friday is a very sneaky combination. It is all about deception and false-impressions. Today we pair together the eternal game of Poker, where you try to con some money out of fellow players, and Campari, a deceptively simple drink with a complex taste. Read on to find out how Campari, and a decent hand can lead you to striking it big at the poker table.

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September 27, 2006

The Winning Bid

Winning Bid

Slot machines have come a long way since the days when all you did was pull the lever and hear the clicking of the reels. Today's machines can be all electronic, with rich colors, vibrant themes, and catchy sounds and music. Perhaps the best part of these new machines are the great mini games that occur while you play.

While the outcome of your spin is usually pre-determined anyway, the "illusion" that you are helping to make the game pay out more can be very powerful and a ton of fun. While we visited Connecticut recently, we spent some time at Mohegan Sun, and we found one video slot we just fell in love with: WMS Gaming's "Winning Bid". Read on more to find out what we liked about this machine.

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September 26, 2006

And Mom Said Those Games Would Never Do You Good.

Did Your mom tell you you were playing too many games? Did she tell you to go outside and play instead of sharpening those board-game skills?

Well mom, take a look at this:

The much anticipated Million takes place in January, with some seats still remaining. The tournament, which offers the largest guaranteed prize pool in the history of backgammon, will take place at the famous Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in The Bahamas, from the 21st-25th January, 2007. The field will feature a maximum 128 players and consist of online qualifiers and players who directly buy-in to the tournament.

The $500,000 minimum guaranteed first prize of the Million is estimated to exceed this year's World Championship top prize five times over, with the remaining minimum $500,000 being distributed to other finishers in the main and consolation event.

A $500,000 prize to win a backgammon tournament ain't too shabby. So the next time you're thinking of getting people together to play a boardgame, you may want to consider backgammon, it may come in handy for next year's tournament!

p.s. If you can get to the Atlantis Resort and Casino in the Bahamas, you really should do it. That place is simply spectacular.

Read the whole story at the Casino City Times

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September 26, 2006

Gallagher is Coming to Foxwoods


Why does Gallagher get a story when so many other entertainers go on around us? Who can say, but you have to appreciate the smashing of watermelons, and wry political humor. We had the opportunity to visit Connecticut this past weekend, and you are sure to see many future stories about Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun. In the meantime, we couldnt pass up the chance to let you konw that this week on September 29th, YOU could have the opportunity to get watermelons and other assorted food items smashed in your face.

Head on over to the Foxwoods Ticket Center and secure yourself a show with that zany comedian.

We also feel we would be remiss if we didnt mention that Alice Cooper will be ther on October 31st. Yeah.. not a bad Halloween party.

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September 25, 2006

BlogPire Podcast - Fall Product News and Guest Russell Neufeld from 09.25.06

Blogpire 144Special guest Russell Neufeld visits from and tells us about the latest shaving products. And of course, we have the latest news and views from around the 'pire including details on the new TiVo Series 3 and where to get great deals on the latest GPS devices. We also answer your questions from the past couple of weeks so keep sending them in to podcast at blogpire dot com.

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With Hosts: Russell Miner and Jay Brewer and guest Russell Neufeld

Program Details:

00:00:58 Introductions and Welcome to Russell Neufeld from
00:02:10 Excalibur Wine on Cheap Fun Wines
00:03:00 HD Tivo series 3
00:05:30 Upgrades for the Tivo Series 3
00:09:09 CBS shows in advance on all Tivos
00:11:00 with Russell Neufeld
00:13:00 Zirh Preshave Products
00:15:22 Zirh Scrub
00:17:05 Zirh Clean
00:19:17 Drink Liquor make more Money
00:22:48 The BeerClip
00:26:14 with Russell Neufeld
00:26:35 Shaving with Zirh Profucts
00:28:53 Zirh Prepare
00:30:57 Zirh Shave Gel
00:34:17 Zirh Defend
00:36:19 All about Keurig Including the B70
00:41:26 with Russell Neufeld
00:41:31 Menscience
00:43:03 Daily Face Wash with Brush
00:44:48 Menscience Shaving Cream
00:47:11 Menscience Post Shave Repair
00:48:52 Menscience Advanced Face Lotion
00:49:56 Spinach and You
00:52:28 Bamboo Dinner Plates
00:54:06 Edible Handmade Bracelets
00:55:12 Questions
00:55:21 Good Prices on GPSs
00:57:28 Non Shaving Products on
00:57:50 BY142 scar remover
01:02:20 Closing

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September 24, 2006

Electronic Poker Tables? Whats the world coming to?

We love poker. Its one of the few games you can play, where your wits can help mean the difference between a win and a loss. Its also one of the few games that you can interact with the house in a unique way. A poker dealer can become a part of the table's feel, and can really help make your day, even when you are getting burned on the river time and again.

So now we hear of a video that was apparantly recorded during a World Series of Poker convention that is showing off a dealer-less electronic poker table.

WHAT? Electronic Poker?

Read on to see the video, and read our response to this monstrosity!

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September 22, 2006

Your Window to See a Classic Casino is Closing

Its a bittersweet thing to see a clasic casino like the Sands in Atlantic City close down. Though, while the Sands is a classic, its one of the city's smallest casinos, and the megaresort that will fill its large shoes will likely be an amazing place in its own right. We look forward to checking it out.

The Sands Casino Hotel has stopped taking hotel reservations beyond Nov. 10 as it prepares to close down to make way for development of a $1.5 billion megaresort by its new owner Pinnacle Entertainment Inc.

Although Nov. 10 is currently the last day for hotel bookings, it is still unknown whether that will actually be the date that the gaming hall closes for good after 26 years in business, Sands President George Toth said.

Toth said it is anticipated the entire casino hotel will shut down sometime between Nov. 10 and 24. The gaming floor will close first, followed by the bars and restaurants and then the hotel operations within a day or two.

Read the whole story at the Press of Atlantic City

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Casino Cocktail Friday -- Dumpster Juice and Casino War

Dumpster Juice

Ok, so we can't always be stylish. And we can't always play the games that will give us the best odds.
Allow me to quote The WIzard of Odds himself:

Casino War is without a doubt the easiest card game to play in the casino.

And it had better be easy, since after a dumpster juice or two, you will be dead on your feet. Dumpster juice is a no-frills drink for a no-frills game. Read on to find out more about this combination.

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September 21, 2006

Roulette Prediction Device?

roulette device

It seems that a nifty little device that calculates where the ball will land in Roulette is for sale in the UK.

Professional gamblers are rushing to buy £1,000 devices that they believe will enable them to win millions of pounds in casinos when the gambling industry is deregulated next year.

Hundreds of the roulette-cheating machines - which consist of a small digital time recorder, a concealed computer and a hidden earpiece - were tested at a government laboratory in 2004 after a gang suspected of using them won £1.3m at the Ritz casino in London.

After the research, which was never made public but has been seen by the Guardian, the government's gambling watchdog admitted to industry insiders that the technology can offer punters an edge when playing roulette in a casino, and the advantage can be "considerable".

People seem to agree it works, but the question is, will using it be considered cheating, or just science used to help you make a better decision (see card counting). Either way, you will likely be unceremoniously booted from the casino if you're caught.

Found via: Uber Gizmo, with story on the Guardian

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September 19, 2006

Cell Phone Camera May be Key to A Players Winnings

As we were trolling the news this morning, we found this very interesting article.

A man who claims he hit a $737,203 jackpot on a nickel slot machine has hired an attorney after the club claimed the big win was a huge mistake.

Sornpaserd Unkeowannulack, 31, was playing the nickel slots at the Table Mountain Casino on Friday, when the "Deep Pockets" machine announced he hit the jackpot. But when Unkeowannulack began celebrating, officials at the Indian gaming club said the machine was broken and he wasn't eligible for any prize.

"They immediately said there was a malfunction," said Unkeowannulack, a self-described professional gambler who lives in Clovis.

Unkeowannulack took a picture of the machine with his cell phone, and his friend called attorney Scott Kinney.

Let this be a lesson to you all, carry your cell phones with you! Those cameras could come in handy when you have to document your potential winnings! You can be sure those of us here at the Casino Snob have taken notice, and we won't be leaving home without our trusty cell phones.

Read the whole story at the Fresno Bee

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September 18, 2006

Bring The Casino Home

Video Poker Machine

After we were enjoyng our Ace of Spades from this weekend at the Video Poker Machine, we were thinking about how we could bring more of the video poker fun home with us. We thought about the simple things like more real poker, computer software, and even online casinos. Then we found this baby:

Cherry Master/Video Poker Slot Machine

This is a Brand New Factory Fresh Cherry Master Video Poker Machine. Multi game Tabletop Model 13 inch Color Screen. These are great entertainment machines and come with a 2 year warranty. Included is a bill validator that accepts up to a 20 Dollar Bill. This is our newest item that we recently acquired. We love it! Also available for this is a thermal printer which will print out credit tickets. This machine is legal in all 50 states!! Great gift idea at an affordable price. This machine can be customized to your needs. 5 cents, 25 cents, 1dollar Odds can be set however you wish.

Nothing would bring home the casino feel, than an actual casino machine, though at a list price of $999, it may be a tad out of range for most people. Still we can't help but imagine what one of these beauties would look like in out living room. Or heck, why not a whole wall of 'em!

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Casino Coming to Rhode Island?

The Casino City Times had this news over the weekend:

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island – As reported by the Rhode Island Providence Journal: "That tireless juggernaut spending millions of dollars each month to persuade voters to approve a Harrah's-Narragansett Indian casino in November visited downtown yesterday in the form of a royal-blue bus, with Chief Sachem Matthew Thomas stepping off to promise good things if the referendum question passes.

"The 40-foot tour bus with the words 'Support the Narragansett Indian Casino Vote Yes on [Question] 1,' parked on a corner of Kennedy Plaza for what Thomas said was the first stop of the tribe's "victory drive" to win voter approval for a casino.

"The scene had all the makings of a campaign rally, complete with cheering bystanders -- in this case, construction workers recruited by their union stewards from several surrounding job sites to hold signs in front of the television cameras.

"…Thomas said repeatedly during his speech that the proposed casino was a $1-billion investment in Rhode Island, which would create 3,500 construction jobs, 3,800 permanent casino jobs, nearly 2,000 more jobs in the business community and provide $144 million in property-tax relief.

"…Lawmakers agreed to put the question of a casino before voters -- in the form of a constitutional amendment -- even though financial terms with Harrah's were never worked out…"

It looks like voters in Rhode Island will have more than just a primary to consider when they vote next. For those casino lovers who live in New England, it would be a welcome addition to the gaming landscape, but in the end, it will be the residents who will decide if its something welcome in their town.

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September 15, 2006

Casino Cocktail Friday -- Video Poker, and The Ace of Spades


You may not realize that there is a drink called the Ace of Spades. And if you Do realize its there, then you may be too guilty to oder it. But fear not. While you're sulking away in the corner of the casino at that video poker machine, you can order anything you want! You dont have to be afraid of who will see you! And you can enjoy a game that has a reasonable rate of return when playing a good strategy. So snuggle up to the bar, or the table, and hopefully you'll get nothing but the Ace of Spades.

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September 14, 2006

Sometimes You Wonder, Is it Worth It?

It looks as tho Bally's has gone a bit too far in trying to prosecute some guy who they thought had cheated the casino out of sixty-five cents. The "former gambler" was found innocent, and now hes countersuiing to the tune of $5.1 million . We konw why hes a "former gambler", because hes already gambling in the courts!

The case of the 65-cent slot cheat has turned into a megabucks lawsuit.

Seven weeks after he was found not guilty of cheating at slots, a former gambler has amended his civil suit against Bally's Atlantic City to add a charge of malicious prosecution and raise the damages he is seeking from $500,000 to $5.1 million.

Calvin Maultsby, 61, has been waging a legal battle against Bally's ever since he was arrested at the former Claridge Casino Hotel on Sept. 22, 2003, for allegedly cheating a 5-cent slot machine out of $9.75.

Nearly three years after the arrest, the case finally went to trial in Atlantic City Municipal Court. A judge found Maultsby not guilty on July 26 of charges he had manipulated the slot machine by “fast feeding” coins into it to make it pay out a bigger jackpot.

With an air of sarcasm, Maultsby began referring to himself as the “65-cent slot cheat” because 13 nickels were confiscated from him by State Police and given to the casino during his arrest. The 65 cents represented the overpayment when the slot machine was cashed out.

Article via Press of Atlantic City.

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A little Security At Your Next Vegas Convention

Las Vegas Convention Center

As we all know, some of the biggest conventions in the US happen Las Vegas. We really think that its just an excuse to get in town to play in the finest casinos around, but its nice to know that while we're there, we'll be as safe as we can be.

The Las Vegas Convention Center on Tuesday moved one step closer to becoming the first venue of its kind with an on-site fire station equipped to handle some of the worst crises imaginable.

By August 2008, the nation's third-largest convention center will likely house one of only a handful of U.S.-based CBRNE engines, Clark County Fire Department leaders said Tuesday.

In addition to performing standard firefighting tasks, the $450,000 vehicles and their crews are equipped to deal with chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive-related incidents.

The proposed Station 33 -- which is still subject to Clark County Commission approval next month -- would also put a special bomb response unit known as "ARMOR" just moments away from most of the city's largest tourist attractions. Plans also call for a secondary command post and a traditional rescue/ambulance vehicle.

That sounds like one serious engine. And now we're wondering if it still makes the siren sound.

At any rate, you can read more on the story at the Casino City Times.

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September 13, 2006

Not Quite a Casino, But A $163 Million Jackpot Rules

Well, its not quite a Casino, but when the lotto gets high, we like to pay attention.

Casino City Times had this news today:

The Mega Millions jackpot continues to create excitement, as a total of 931,218 tickets from coast to coast were winners in the Tuesday, September 12 drawing. Since no ticket matched all six numbers to win the estimated $135 million jackpot, the jackpot for the Friday, September 15, 2006 drawing grows to an estimated $163 million.

The winning numbers in Tuesday's drawing were: 03-16-25-30-44 and the Mega Ball number was 42.

A total of eight tickets came within a heartbeat of winning the jackpot by matching the first five numbers and only missing the Mega Ball number. Those tickets were purchased in California (2), Georgia (2), Illinois (1), New Jersey (2) and New York (1).

This jackpot has been growing since August 1, when Mega Millions had its most recent jackpot winner. The jackpot has now rolled 12 times without a winner. The odds of winning the jackpot are approximately one in 176 million. The odds of winning any of the Mega Millions prizes are approximately 1 in 40.

Mega Millions is played in 12 states: California, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas, Virginia and Washington.

Mega Millions drawings are held Tuesdays and Fridays at 11:00 PM Eastern Time, 10:00 PM Central Time and 8:00 PM Pacific Time.

Now its not quite "mad rush to the quick-mart" time, thats more at the 300 Million mark, but for those of you with a Mega Millions in your state, it may be worth playing a card or two. Good luck, and remember us when you win!

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September 12, 2006

Because Paper Doesn't Pling When You Win

We found this very sad story over at Gambling Planet

The sound of winning at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino is about to change. The company is trading in its old coin payout system for new printed tickets that use bar codes to record winnings.

And while the famous sound of coins striking a metal hopper will disappear, the quiet — and clean — tickets are winning customers over.

“I like it better,” said Sara Waldroop, a Macon County resident who plays at Harrah’s Cherokee. “When you go to Biloxi or some other casino, they give you those tickets and it’s so much easier than standing in line at the cashier or waiting for somebody to come and fill the machine.”

The changeover at Harrah’s Cherokee is 83 percent complete with 600 machines to go, General Manager Darold Londo said Monday. On Dec. 8, the $10, $25 and $100 coins will be worthless. Anyone with the coins needs to spend them by that day.

Most other casino companies are phasing out coin slot machines. Harrah’s, owned by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, offers slot machines and video card games.

David Strow, a spokesman with Las Vegas-based Harrah’s Entertainment, said the move toward ticket payouts is a company-wide plan. Harrah’s operates 37 casinos.

“It’s a much, much more convenient way to play,” he said.

We just can't believe it. How can they even think of ditching the coins! Will we be destined to wander the hallways of our favorite casinos to the sounds of rustling paper instead of that pleasant clink clink of coins? Or maybe slot machine creators will simply program in the sounds of falling money to lure us closer. Either way, it sounds like a sad day coming to Harrah's.

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Massive Underground Casino Busted in Seoul

Police arrested three men and booked 25 others Monday for operating an underground casino in Seoul that investigators say is the largest of its kind in the country.

Police discovered the illegal casino in Changan-dong, downtown Seoul. It traded more than 217 billion won ($226 million) in stakes and prizes since opening last November, police said.

The 430-square meter casino, which occupied the fifth-floor of a 13-story building, was fully equipped with a dozen of closed-circuit television cameras and several triple-hinged security doors. A secret passageway allowed customers to escape to a motel on the seventh floor.

Law enforcement officials questioned another 44 people with secret memberships who frequented the casino. The group included businessmen, office workers, housewives and a kindergarten principal.

Let this be a lesson to everyone, if you are going to gamble, you'd better do it in an above-board casino. First of all, your less likely to be cheated. And second, you can probably go back to it a month from now.

Read the whole story at the Korea Times

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September 10, 2006

Best Cards Ever... "Hands" Down


We here at the Casino Snob take our home gaming very seriously. We want nothing more than to replicate in as much as we can, that awesome experience of gaming in our favorite casinos. And while we're still working on that giant replica of the Colosseum, we do hold a mean poker game.

To begin with, we insist on a sturdy, but soft poker top. Then we pass out weighty plastic-clay-composite chips. Then finally we play with only the best playing cards around. Kem.

Now a REAL casino, likely does not use Kem cards. They have a seemingly endless supply of packs of cards that come all sealed and ready to go. But unlike a real casino, we dont take a rake when we play, so we need cards that will last us for more than one night of hard betting and Cheetos fingers. So we discover Kem cards.

Kem cards are made of cellulose and plastic. They are slippery, and they are absolutely crap for magic tricks. What they are amazing at however, is lasting through YEARS of poker playing. And when we say years, we mean YEARS. We have been using 2 decks of Kem cards for over five years now, and they still play like we just took them out of the pack. For at least 2 years of that time, we had weekly poker nights. Believe us, these cards will last you a VERY VERY long time.

Some are shocked by the $20-$25 price tag. But trust us, at about $3-$5 a pop on a standard deck, you will find these cards will pay for themselves in no time.

Kems at -- Its where we got ours.
Official Kem Website -- Learn more about the product at the official site. -- You can even get Custom Kems!

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September 9, 2006

There's More than One Way to Get Fumed at a Casino

PURCELL, Oklahoma – As reported by the Purcell Register: "Toxic fumes emitted from a restaurant's drain at the new casino kept Goldsby and Purcell Fire and Rescue busy for about 10 hours last week.

"Goldsby Fire Chief Larry Paulk said they responded to a chemical spill call around 7:30 p.m. last Thursday at the Riverwind Casino.

"…Purcell Fire Chief Mike Clifton said he was told that degreaser was poured down the drain, along with bleach. This caused the chlorine-gas fumes.


Is it just us, or is the fact that this place was called the "Riverwind" ironic?

Story at Casino City Times

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September 8, 2006

All Aboard the Money Train!

Its election season, and as a result, we're seeing all sorts of political maneuvering. While this usually means more calls for gambling regulation, sometimes its a call for more gaming establishments. This particular idea sounds pretty darn cool: A train whose revenues would come from an onboard casino!

Independent gubernatorial candidate Barbara Merrill on Tuesday proposed a passenger train service between Portland and Montreal that would get part of its revenue from an onboard casino.

Merrill unveiled her plan for the "Maine to Montreal High Roller" at a news conference held on the back of a passenger train outside a renovated station in this midcoast city.

"It's time," she said, "to get Maine's economy off the branch line and onto the fast track" by completing a passenger rail link to Canada that can provide access to the rest of North America.

"Instead of being at the end of the line, Maine will be the connection between New York and Boston in the Northeast and Montreal and Toronto in Canada," Merrill said.

Read the whole story at Maine Today

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Casino Cocktail Friday -- Cosmopolitan Bones


Time flies when you're living the life of Jack Colton. Time also flies when you're rolling the bones in one of the most popular games in a casino, craps. Before you realize it, you're flush with chips, you've made a table rich, and you're feeling parched. The cocktail waitress strolls by, and asks you if you'd like a drink. First, you ask for a water, because you know you need to stay hydrated when you're on a roll, but before you blow your table cred by ordering a Budweiser, remember that you are IT. You are the one who is running this table. You are the intelligent, amazing person who knows how to play the table right, and you're going to show everyone else there that those bones better not move until you bust out. You make the right call, and ask for a cosmopolitan. Just like the name implies, you're sophisticated, you're intelligent, and tonight, you're the one in charge.

Lady, or Gentleman, read on to find out why the cosmo is the right cocktail to order when you're at the craps table.

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September 6, 2006

New Heavy Rail Lines to Ease Traffic in Vegas?

As often as we visit the Strip in Las Vegas, its easy to forget that it is in fact a functioning street. Overawed by the giant mega-casinos you forget that there is a rather busy street in-between. Its made even more busy by the thousands upon thousands of visitors. If you've ever left Vegas on a Sunday via the airport, you know just how many visitors the city gets each week. With all that traffic, its nice to know the city is trying to plan for its growing future, by putting in some heavy rail lines to reduce the congestion. This may lead to a nice vacation opportunity where you can stay in southern California, and take the rail into Vegas for a day or two. Sign us up!

A heavy rail line bringing tourists in from Southern California and elsewhere will have to be a part of the solution to growing traffic problems along the Strip resort corridor, Regional Transportation Commission General Manager Jacob Snow and other local experts agree.

Snow believes that rail links, including renewed local Amtrak service and a new magnetically levitated passenger line connecting Las Vegas and Southern California, will help relieve congestion in the resort corridor, which is generally bordered by Interstate 15, Paradise Road and Tropicana and Sahara avenues.

"I think we're going to need them both, Amtrak and maglev. (Interstate) 15 simply has limited capacity," Snow said, explaining that rail links can help reduce drive-in tourist traffic on Interstate 15, which is already clogged nearly to capacity.

With 25,000 hotel and hotel-condo units likely to be added to the Strip in the next four years, and possibly 80,000 condominium units coming out of the ground along the resort corridor, the number of cars in the area could increase by 50 percent over today's 225,000 daily trips.

Read the whole story at the Casino City Times

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September 5, 2006

Wynn opens up new Casino on Macau

Looks like Macau is becoming the worlds next big casino hotspot, and Stephen Wynn is there to be a part of it.

American gaming mogul Stephen Wynn was ready to throw open the doors of his new US$1.2 billion (€930 million) casino to gamblers Wednesday in Macau — the Chinese territory that seeks to rival the Las Vegas Strip as the world's epicenter for gambling.

The sleek Wynn Macau casino with a sloping roof is a key part of Macau's bid to transform itself from a second-rate spot for day-tripping gamblers to a major global tourist destination with luxury hotels, resorts, shows and convention centers.

Full Article at the International Herald Tribune

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Trump-Tastic Boat Show in Atlantic City This Week


Well it looks like Mr Trump is throwing one hell of a boat show at his Atlantic City casino this weekend. If you happen to be in the city this weekend, and you can find your way to the Trump Marina Hotel Casino, you should be in for a pretty sweet view into some amazing boats.

Full story at Casino City Times

This September boating and gaming will meet like never before.

From September 7-10, 2006, Atlantic City and Trump Marina Hotel Casino will be the main stage for one of the country's premier boating events, the Atlantic City In-Water Boat Show. This show is the largest in the region and the second largest of its kind in the entire country. As the first major show of its kind for the fall season, the event provides a first glimpse at the latest boating innovations and newest models for 2007.

Trump Marina Hotel Casino

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September 4, 2006

All About Blackjack


Blackjack may be one of the most popular casino games around. It originated in France in the 1700s, and amazingly this simple yet fun game is vigorously played today, over 300 years later! The odds may have changed some, and there was certainly no mega-casino back in those days, but the thrill and fun of blackjack has remained the same all these years.

If you have a hankering to find out more about Blackjack, or if you want some pointers into the blackjack world at large, then come on in, and we'll show you all about one of casino gaming's most enduring and popular games.

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When you Gamble, Don't be Dumb

Some jack-ass parents decided to leave their kid in the car when they went inside to gamble. In our opinion, they deserve whatever they get. Moves like those are decidedly NOT gambling responsibly.

A New Jersey couple faces charges of child abuse and child endangerment, after allegedly leaving their three-week-old son alone in a car in an Atlantic City casino parking garage for several hours.

Security personnel at Caesars Atlantic City Hotel Casino found the child at around 1 a.m. Saturday, after some patrons reported seeing him in the back seat.

They notified city police, who were able to get the baby out of the vehicle. Police waited at the scene until the parents returned to their car around 4 a.m.

The 21-year-old father and 19-year-old mother were arrested. The child was placed in state custody.

Story from Gambling Planet

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September 1, 2006

Casino Cocktail Friday -- Of Roulettes and Gimlettes


Welcome to September! Ahh yes.. cool clean air, and cool clean drinks. Today we salute the Gimlet. So simple, and so classic, and its paired with another classic, the Roulette wheel. What visit to the casino is complete without a quick stop at the Roulette table? None we say! You show up, you watch a round or two... and then you bet on your lucky number, or on black, or if you're feeling really crazy, on double 0.

Much like like the roulette wheel has its two main colors, so the gimlet has its two main ingredients, Gin and Lime Juice. And for once betting on green seems like a good idea, because the lime in a gimlet is what gives it its delicious flavor. Read on to find out a little more of today's pairing.

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Jack Colton Is The Man

Our good pals over at have sent us this post about Jack Colton, local Vegas-ite, and the man with the knowledge. He seems to have his pulse on the Vegas scene, and he has taken it upon himself to share it with the world. What a guy.

Here's what the the Martini-Lounge had to say about Jack's new site.

Jack Colton believes in himself. Enough said.

But to add even more to it, he chucked all of this riches in order to start up a site that talks about the Las Vegas nightclub scene. You'd think that with all the clubs in Vegas that this niche was already being served. You'd be so terribly wrong.

Most of the publications that cover nightlife in Vegas usually look like they just took some of the many press releases that the clubs send out and reprinted them in their magazines. There's very little actual information that helps you decide where to spend your hard-earned clubbing dollars and your extra-valuable clubbing time.

Here's a snippit of some of the goodness you can find at the site itself:

WHY RESERVATIONS GET BUMPED: You might have heard of a person's table reservations getting bumped when they booked it themselves, and there are two contributing factors to that happening. First, if the person made the reservation at the last minute through a "junior host" (one at the club without much seniority), there is a good chance that the next customer who booked through a host with more rank, or who tipped more upon arrival, got their table honored instead. You always want to make sure that you are booking through someone who has the most "pull" at the club, and you should always plan to tip the appropriate amount. The reason VIP Hosting companies rarely get their reservations bumped, is because they have already factored in a specific tip amount for the host who is handling the reservation. When the ultimate decision maker knows they are "taken care of" $$ wise, the reservation sticks.

Now c'mon. THAT is some valuable info.


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