November 30, 2006

Easy Gift: Casino Wear and Accessories

Besides the actual equiptment needed to PLAY in a casino, a great gift can be an item that is about the casino lifestyle. This could be anything from themed jewlery, watches, apparel , or just about anything else you can think of. is a site that sells poker equiptment, but also gear that is themed like casino games. Here are some examples of some cool items we though would look nice to your poker loving loved one:

A lovely Roulette themed watch

Watch This!

Poker Card covers are just little trinkets that you place on your hand to ensure it is not collected by the dealer. Sure you could just use a chip, but when you want to show your opponets you have the nuts, you'd be better off using this:

The Nuts

Finally who wouldn't look the part with a poker visor:


So head on over to and check out all the stuff they have. You are sure to find a great idea or five.

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November 26, 2006

No Slots for DC

It looks like the only gambling that will be happening in D.C., is on what bills are going to make it through congress.
The Casino City Times had this post:

As reported by the Washington Post: "The D.C. Court of Appeals yesterday blocked a bid to bring slot machines to the District, saying only Congress can authorize such gambling in Washington.

"Unanimously reversing a ruling by a D.C. Superior Court judge, a three-judge panel of the District's highest court said Congress long ago banned the use of 'gambling devices' in the District.

"The court said that prohibition precluded a referendum on slots that had been sought by entrepreneur Shawn A. Scott…"

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November 24, 2006

Holiday Gift and Shopping Guides from Around the Blogpire

Our editors have been hard at work coming up with the latest products to give as gifts this holiday season. Each of our different sites has their own holiday gift guide on various topics including: shaving, hdtv, gps, gaming, coffee and espresso, kitchen gadgets, cookbooks, and more.

Make your holiday gift giving easier this season by visiting the holiday shopping guides below, and get your shopping done online without the crowds and hassle of ever leaving your comfy couch or computer chair.

Electronics - TV and GPS

Tvsnob Gg

Holiday Shopping Guide from

Gps Lodge Blogpire Gg-1

Holiday Shopping Guide from

Natural Products & Organic Living

Reallynatural Gg

Holiday Shopping Guide from


Shaving Gg

Holiday Gift Guide from

Coffee & Espresso

Holidayshoppingguide1 Ssc
Holiday Gift Guide from

Sse Gg

Holiday Gift Guide from


Criticalgamers Blogad Giftg

Holiday Gift Guide from

Liquor and Spirts

Liquor Snob Blogad Gg

Holiday Shopping Guide from

Kitchen Related

Holiday Shopping Guides Kc

Holiday Shopping Guide from

Thecookingnews Gg

Holiday Gift Guide from The Cooking

Baby Related

Supercoolbab Gg

Holiday Gift Guide from

Poker & Casino Related
Holiday Gift Guide from

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November 22, 2006



Looks like Emeril is doing his part to help rebuild the gulf coast, by building a new restaurant in a gulf coast casino. That should help kick it up a notch!

As reported by the Sun Herald: "Emeril Lagasse unveiled artist renderings Monday afternoon of what his signature New Orleans Fish House on the Gulf Coast will look like when it opens next summer at the Island View Casino in Gulfport.

"...He currently has nine restaurants in New Orleans, Las Vegas, Orlando and Miami. Gulfport was chosen for the 10th because Lagasse wants to take part in the rebuilding of the Coast and he was impressed with the Island View's development plans.

"As a gesture toward rebuilding efforts, the Emeril Lagasse Foundation awarded $25,000 to the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center, a children's museum that was heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina but is back open..."

From the Casino City Times

Visit Emeril's Website at Emeril'

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November 21, 2006

Easy Gift: Chip Set


There are plenty of gifts out there for the poker player in your life. We'll be attempting to bring you a selection during the holidays that provide you with some ideas while you search around. Remember that we also have our Holiday Buying Guide that you can check out for more ideas.

First up, we have this nice little chip set. Its got a wide array of accessories, and the chips themselves are the composites we've seen all over at 11.5g. They feel good in the hand, and they plunk nicely on your felt top. What sets this nice little set apart are all the extras thrown in there. You have a dealer button, missed blind chits, and even a reserved chit. We've never seen a home game that needs a reserved chit, but hey, if you're holding a tourney, you could deffinitely see some use with it. New, you're looking at At $179, but if you can snag the used ones at just under $40, this could be quite the steal.

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November 19, 2006

The Battle of Connecticut: Part 2 - FIGHT!


For those folks living in the north east, there are few options for getting in some casino gaming. One basically has to choose between two Connecticut casinos: Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun. But the question persists, which one to go to? Where should we spend our valuable free time? Which casino will give us more of what we want?

Fear not readers! We here at Casino Snob have placed these two casinos head to head, in a series we are calling "The Battle of Connecticut". In part 1 of our series, we took a look at the raw numbers surrounding these two behemoths. And while Foxwoods was clearly the larger of the two mega-complexes, there was actually alot of parity in the two casinos.

Today we are going to look at the overall experience and feel of the two, and we will try to see who will come out on top in the battle for the gamblers!

ArrowContinue reading: "The Battle of Connecticut: Part 2 - FIGHT!"

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November 18, 2006

Vegas to Stop Handing Out Escort Service Pamplets?


Whats the world coming to?
A night were you can't walk down the strip, and get handed about a thousand escort service pamphlets with naked ladies on them, is no night we'd care to see!

From the Las Vegas Sun:

City officials have responded to a federal appeals court ruling by passing a new law aimed at curbing peddling, panhandling and pamphleteers at a downtown casino pedestrian mall.

City officials said two ordinances passed Wednesday restricting behavior at the Fremont Street Experience were tailored to comply with the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decision last month declaring a similar city law from 1997 unconstitutional.

A top American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada official said the city was just inviting a new lawsuit.

"The new ordinance is as unconstitutional as the old ordinance," said Gary Peck, ACLU executive director in Las Vegas. He characterized the city position as: "Free speech is bad for business, and because it's bad for business, we're going to outlaw it."

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November 17, 2006

Jack Colton Says: What to Wear at a Vegas Club


We love our Jack Colton. He's like a shot of espresso every time we check his site out. He has all the info for the Vegas club and party scene, and while we're eafficionados of all things Casino, we're downright squares when it comes to clubbin' in Vegas. Lucky for us Jack is here to lend a hand when we get that invite to meet at a hip joint on the strip. Today's topic: What to wear to a Las Vegas Nightclub.

Jack says that a woman can wear pretty much whatever, and while the ladies here at the Casino Snob's offices beg to differ, Jack is still focusing on the style for the men. And lets face it, its the men that need the help!

Jack Says:

Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, and Miami are all synonymous with high-fashion in the United States. That said; you don’t want to even try to get in the clubs here unless you are dressed properly. It’s not worth getting all the way to the door, and then getting turned back because your shoes don’t fit the dress code (especially when your friends will probably laugh at you and walk straight in leaving you outside without giving even a second thought). I’ve written a general guide for what the majority of the clubs here will let you in with, and what you should wear so that you don’t blend in the crowd.

COLLARED SHIRTS: Any night that you go to a Las Vegas club that has more tourists than locals, you are going to find yourself in a virtual sea of untucked collared shirts with the top button undone. There isn’t anything wrong with wearing this outfit, but you need to at least make damn sure that you don’t match all of your friends. If everyone you are with is wearing the same thing, shake it up a bit with a sport coat or an ultra-thin black tie (or wear something else). The goal is to stand out in a club; not to look like you are the star member of “team dude.”

Wow, he nailed us.

Read the whole article over at Jack, and find out what Jack has to say about Jeans, Dress Pants, Hats, and more!

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November 16, 2006

Super Casino: Inside the "New" Las Vegas

Super Casino

This time around, we bring you a book you can skim through while you're sitting by the pool, or hanging out at the beach. Or, since its the middle of November, maybe you can read it while looking at a picture of the beach.
Super Casino: Inside the "New" Las Vegas is the kind of book that entertains while it educates. Its a look at Vegas and its inner workings, as well as all of its players. It has an excellent history of the the town, with all its grit and glory, and without centering on the mob, it explains how things got to be the way they are today in Vegas. It doesnt get overly dramatic with its character stories, but they are there, and they add a nice level of depth to the history lesson you are already getting. All in all, this is a book for anyone interested in Vegas. Operators, Players, Vacationers, and anyone who is just looking for a light read while passing the time.

Here's what Publishers Weekly has to say:

For a portrait of razzle-dazzle Las Vegas, this is a curiously sober book. Earley, an Edgar and Robert F. Kennedy Award winner (Circumstantial Evidence), gained the cooperation of Circus Circus Enterprises, owners of the new pyramid-shaped Luxor super casino, to write an awkward hybrid of a work: part business history, part vignettes of life in Las Vegas. The first segment, more than one third of the book, tells the history of Circus Circus. It's a solid account of the rise of corporate casinos by Earley, a former Wall Street Journal reporter, but as Vegas tales go, there's nothing hugely dramatic in the Circus Circus story. The book's sprightlier but diffuse second part describes episodes inside the Luxor and the individual characters who populate it: a casino boss, a showgirl, a security guard, etc. Earley showcases some unflattering scenes, such as a security guard's beating of a homeless man, and picks up some only-in-Vegas anecdotes, like the many ways casino dealers have tried to hide stolen chips (e.g., in a brassiere). But only one of these characters is compelling: a young prostitute who opens up to the author to a remarkable degree; surviving the Las Vegas jungle, she trains as a blackjack dealer and ultimately leaves town. Earley does not comment directly on the broader moral issues of gambling: halfway through the book, he quotes a cabbie who says the city is based on greed, but near the end, he cites a Luxor manager who asserts that it's a place "where people come to forget their problems."

So pick up a copy, and when Turkey Dat rolls around, and you're so full turkey and stuffing that you have that warm, drowzy feeling overtake you, you can curl up with this book in front of the fire, and transport yourself to good ole' Las Legas.

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November 13, 2006

No Rhode Island Casino


Well it seems the state of Rhode Island decided not to build a casino after all. And from the sounds of it, it was a nasty and close race. With the major division in voters seeming to lie along economic lines. Well, at least there is still Foxwoods and Mohegan.

PAWTUCKET, Rhode Island – As reported by the Providence Journal: "The dividing line over the casino vote in this former mill city runs clear through a funky new East Avenue eatery called Jac's Wraps. The sandwich shop, which serves fresh vegetable wraps and fruit smoothies, sits at the intersection of the casino debate.

"To the west are neighborhoods filled with working-class people such as the store's owner, Ameth Alzate. A 41-year-old Columbian-born immigrant who lives just over the city line, in Central Falls, Alzate sounded crestfallen yesterday over the state's rejection, by nearly 63 percent of voters, of the casino amendment.

" It's 3,800 jobs out the window," Alzate said, standing behind the counter wearing an apron and New York Yankees baseball cap.

"…But just a few blocks east, in Pawtucket's upscale Oak Hill neighborhood, residents such as Marisa Garber couldn't be more pleased with the vote's outcome. 'I don't think we need to have that element in Rhode Island,' said Garber, a 40-year old mother of three.

"…If ever there was a vote in Rhode Island that split the state — and this city — along class lines, the casino may be it.

"…In Rhode Island, the casino's promoters lobbied heavily in the inner cities, promising 3,800 new jobs and property-tax relief. The pitch went over best in the state's poorest communities.

"Central Falls, the smallest and poorest, went the most strongly in favor of a casino, with nearly 66 percent of voters approving the referendum. The only other communities where the casino amendment garnered slightly more than half of the votes in favor were West Warwick, Providence and Pawtucket — communities with significant populations of low-income residents.

"In Pawtucket, where homes in Oak Hill are priced as high as $600,000 less than a mile from aging triple-deckers, voters split right down the middle.

"…The economic fault lines in Pawtucket are apparent in tallies from the city's polling places…"

From the Casino City Times

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November 11, 2006

Casino Snob Holiday Buying Guide

The holidays are fast approaching, and that means is a chance for us to bring the world of Casinos into a loved one's life! We've got a handle on the holidays and some great ideas for gifts you can get even the most difficult to buy for on your list. So grab that holiday list, and prepare to shop till you drop as we present to you the Casino Snob Holiday Buying Guide!

Theres one thing a casino snob loves, and thats playing anytime, anywhere. Check out these home-casino items that would look great jammed in an oversize stocking, or wrapped up for giving!

We begin with a selection of Felt Tops. These are sure to warm the heart of any home gamer. And if you're a regular reader of the site, you may even be able to win a few from the house when they host their first game. And what could be nicer in the holidays than taking it from the house.
Here we have a Caribbean Stud Poker felt top. The opposite side also has a Texas Hold'Em trainer, though we've never had use for that side.

For those who prefer the Blackjack world, we can reccommend this Black Jack Felt Top. Its got all you need to hit or stay from the comfort of your parlor. Does anyone even have a parlor anymore?

Baccarat At Home!
As we've discussed before, Baccarat is so easy, even a drunken monkey can play it. And the best part is, folks think its sophisticated, so help them look like the coolest gamers around, and get them this Baccarat Mat.

Craps Layout
And of course, what home casino would be complete without a sweet craps setup. You're loved one can shoot the bones all night, and if you're extra nice, you can play the stick person.

So, you get the felt tops all right, but what about the other accessories they'll need? No problem. Here is a set of essentials that every home gamer will want.

First and foremost, any card game will need cards. And the best cards around are Kem cards. A solid set of Kem Cards will last you for a very very long time. They are more expensive than regular cards, and thats because of the quality of them. We've raved about these cards before, and we stick by 'em.

Now that you have picked up the cards, you may want to also pick up an 6 deck shoe. This will help you deal those cards in the slickest way possible. Its ideal for blackjack dealing, but its also handy for any card-dealing game your loved one may want to play. The kids even like to play go fish with it.

That may take care of the card players, but what about those craps accessories? Not to worry!
First off, we have the dice themselves. Now sure, any dice will do in a craps game. But if you want to let your casino snob show their casino style, then you have no choice but to get some profesional craps dice. You can grab a small set of five, or if you have a whole army of snobs (or one really forgetful one), you can pony up and get the brick of 400!

And now that you have all those dice, you'l want to get your snob the wooden bowl to hold them in! This bowl looks attractive on the table, and helps keep the spare dice separate from the dice that are in play.

Finally for that craps lovin' casino snob, the best of all craps accessories, the stick. They can run around and beat things like its a riding crop, or they can just handle the dice like a pro, and keep their home game cooking into the wee hours. And because size DOES matter (the size of the table silly!) you can choose from a selection of sticks including 24, 30, 36, 42, and 48. For the record, we reccommend the 42, but only because its the answer to life, the universe and everything.

But what if your snob's thing is slots? No worries! You can start with a sweet selection of slot machines. They range in price, and style. Included in this group are the Welcome to Las Vegas Skill Stop SLOT Machine, the Fru Full Skill Stop SLOT Machine, and the God Game Skill Stop SLOT Machine. You can even get a personalized version of the Welcome to Las Vegas model! Throw in a pack of tokens for your skill slot machine, and your slot lovin snob is as happy as a pig in mud!

Video Poker Machine
If they are someone you REALLY like. And if they do have just everything, then why not give them the real deal. This is a multi game video poker and slot machine. Just imagine your snob and their pals huddled around this baby cheering on as the bings abd boops whail on. Hmm.. Now that we think about it.You may want to get a set of earmuffs while you're at it, so you can sleep at night.

If you still need more ideas, why not check out the following articles. They have some books that may interest your casino snob, and help them improve their game when they head to the casino for fun.

All About Blackjack
All About Baccarat
All About Craps
How to Win at Hold'Em
Discoveries in Blackjack

We hope we've set you on the right track for your holiday gift giving extravaganza. If you are looking for other gift ideas, you can always browse the rest of the blogpire, listen to our podcast, and see what other ideas spring to mind!

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November 10, 2006

Denise Richards Causing Trouble At a Casino


Poor River Rock casino, sometimes the stars cause all sorts of trouble. And those paparazzi aren't making aything any easier!

A spokeswoman for Denise Richards blamed aggressive paparazzi for a run-in that prompted the Hollywood actress to toss a pair of laptops from a balcony, causing minor injuries to two elderly women.

Howard Blank, a spokesman for the River Rock casino resort in the Vancouver suburb, confirmed an incident took place Wednesday evening.

Global TV reported Richards was filming a scene for the movie "Blonde and Blonder" when she allegedly confronted a photographer trying to take her picture. Richards threw the laptop computers off a balcony, hitting two elderly women sitting in the lobby below.

Paramedics were called but the women did not appear to be seriously injured.

"Based on the actions of the paparazzi, they are lucky their laptops were the only things that were thrown off the ledge," Richards' publicist, Nicole Perez, said in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Story at
Photo from

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November 8, 2006

Our Favorite Free Online Casino Gaming


Are you bored right now?

If so, then why not do what we do... play casino games! But you can't get to a casino just now? No Problem! We have found a site that has very fun and very well done casino games, all for fun! This casino has a fun play area that has some of the best gaming we've seen online.

Click the link below. Choose "Fun Play". Sign in as a guest (or register), and you can play:

Pai Gow Poker
Red Dog
Video Poker
Texas Hold 'Em
A series of "Quick Play" games
and Puzzles!

WOW! What more can you need to pas your time!

Now.. if you need us, we'll be rollin' the bones and prayin' for hard ways!

Santa Ana Star Casino Fun Play

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November 7, 2006

October Wrap Up

Lean back in your easy chair and buckle that safety belt. Its time for the Casino Snob October Wrap up!

Blogpire News
We had more podcasts this past month. If you havent heard them yet, you can listen to yours truly, and Jay Brewer wax rhapsodic about all the blogpire has to offer.

Blogpire Podcast - Liquor Snob - All The News that's Fit to Drink 10.24.06

BlogPire Podcast - Autumnal Festival Episode - Fun Fall Products 10.09.06

Casino Snob Book Club
We kicked off a new category with a look at the perennial casino book: Bringing Down The House. Its a fine read, and you should deffinitely check it out.

Casino Style
There were a couple of Casino Cocktail Fridays. We sipped on a Tequila with Let it Ride and we had a frothy cold one while we played the slots.

We had some smart advice from Jack Colton to never wear sunglasses in those night clubs.

And finally in style, we took a great look at Old Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra, and took an overview of the best of the Vegas Music CDs of that classic crooner.

The Battle of Connecticut began, with our look at the two big casinos in CT, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun. The battle still rages on, and we're excited to see round 2, but for now you can check out the Tale of the Tape.

We found out about the Casino And Gaming Fund and how you can bet on the house.

And finally we learned a little about Kevin Costner's Casino Adventures, and why Nevada may be getting a little more smoke free.

THe big news was of course our look at all the stuff going on for Halloween in Vegas. We are thinking that next year we will have to schedule a trip there for just the week of Halloween, as nowhere else can we slide on our Marilyn Manson costume and potentially win twenty thousand dollars.


Playboy made a big swing early in the month by opening up its new playboy club at the Palms.

We also covered a funny and crazy bank heist that looked like Ocean's Eleven.

But all that sex, crime, and rock and roll could not outshine the big bomb of October, the online gambling ban within the US. We are still dealing with the reprocussions, which have included places freezing accounts, buyouts, and mergers galore.

Yes, it was a wild October, and we're excited to see what happens next as we head into the Holidays.

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November 6, 2006

Future of Casinos in Moscow in Jeopardy


The end may be near for gambling in Russia. Even though the Moscow gambling industry is booming, it looks like Vladimir Putin wants to put a stop to it in the capital and other major cities. It is still unclear if the bill passed would ban it outright, or simply relegate it to certain zones, but either way, it sounds like the operators in Moscow are scrambling.

There are more than 60 of them in the city now, neon palaces of capitalist glitter and risk that have become as ubiquitous as the onion domes of Russian Orthodoxy. One major street, Novy Arbat, has more than a passing resemblance to the Las Vegas Strip, and even a casino called the Mirage.

There is just one cloud on this rosy horizon: They are all to be closed, though perhaps not for a while.

Pressed by President Vladimir Putin, the only political authority that matters anymore, lawmakers are drafting a law that would banish casinos, slot-machine parlors and other gambling halls from Moscow, though they could be allowed to operate in a few other places.

Unless lawmakers buck Putin, which has yet to happen, the new law would do more to alter the cityscape of Moscow than any other since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Soviet government banned gambling until the end of the 1980s and, perhaps not coincidentally, the end of its history.

The first big casinos followed hard on the Soviet collapse, but they have proliferated since 2001, when an easing of licensing rules coincided with Russia's growing economic boom, creating a frenzy of easily disposed income. Industry officials here estimate that nearly $6 billion is spent on gambling each year in Russia.

Moscow now has more casinos than any other cities except Las Vegas and Miami, according to the World Casino Directory, an online industry association.

You can read the whole article at the International Herald Tribune.

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November 3, 2006

Goodnight Stardust


Yes folks, yet another classic casino has met its maker.

The Stardust, the neon-wrapped casino with a mobbed-up past whose 1,065 rooms once set the standard for size on the Las Vegas Strip, witnessed its last roll of the dice Wednesday.

Wistful longtime employees and loyal gamblers gathered for a last farewell to the iconic 48-year-old institution, which is to be razed early next year to make way for Boyd Gaming Corp.'s planned $4 billion Echelon Place resort.

The Stardust opened July 2, 1958, as the world's largest hotel and catered to middle America with $6-a-night rooms and low-minimum stakes gambling.

But as bigger, classier casinos sprung up around it in the late 1980s and '90s and patrons began shelling out more for rooms, food and drinks, its luster began to fade.

"I'm really going to miss this place," said Jimmy Kunihiro, a 60-year-old Honolulu resident, as he took a last pass at the craps table. "It's a home away from home."
-- CNN

We join millions of others in saying farewell to this classic dame of the strip. With a rich and colorful history, and a tradition steeped in casino style, we will be having a moment of silence for her.

So long stardust...

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