May 31, 2007

Poker Chip Flash Drive


Its the final table at the World Series of Poker. Ivan Betchyabluffin has just gone all in against John Q. Everyman. Ivan is from Russia, and hes got only a pair of deuces, but hes bearing down against what he is sure is trip kings or better! What on earth is going on here??!?!

Ahhh.. Ivan is in fact a Russian defector! And he is actually transferring the super secret spy plans to the CIA agent John! But how is he slipping the plans? Why in his super cool USB flash drive disguised as a poker chip of course!

Now you too can pass along super spy messages in poker tournaments, OR you can just have a flash drive that will sit comfortably in your pocket. Spy, geek, or poker freak, you can pick up this 1 gigabyte flash drive at Target.

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May 30, 2007

Texas Hold'em Odds and Probabilities


This time around, we are looking straight into the eyes of fate. We are staring down the double barreled shotgun of a call. Do we think we have it? Do we think SHE has it? We've applied our vast knowledge of poker tells, but she is as readable as stone before us, and we aren't geologists! No, this time its going to come down to sheer odds and probabilities. Thankfully, we've had Texas Hold'em Odds and Probabilities on our summer reading list, and we have the evidence we need to make an informed decision.

Here's Amazon's blurb:

- How often does each starting hand win against a specific hand or random hand? - What are the odds of your opponent holding a pocket pair when he raises? - What is the probability that an over-card will flop when you hold JJ? - How do you determine if drawing is profitable or not? Texas Hold'em Odds and Probabilities answers all of these questions and more. Every single decision you make at the poker table is in some way related to odds and probabilities. Whether you are deciding to bet, call, fold, raise, or even bluff, odds and probabilities are an integral part of the decision-making process. Texas Hold'em Odds and Probabilities covers all forms of the game, including limit, no-limit, and tournament situations. This book does more than just show you how to calculate the odds - more importantly, the focus is on how to apply odds to make better decisions. Hilger's approach shows that you do not need to be a math wiz to be successful in poker. Simple concepts and strategies that anyone can learn will have you matching wits with the top players in no time. Some of the topics include: raising draws for value, backdoor draws, facing all-in decisions before the flop, protecting your hand, the impact of stack sizes, and much more. In addition, the most comprehensive collection of Texas Hold'em charts and statistics ever put in print is provided as reference. Poker is a fun game, but it is even more fun when you win. Expert players understand the simple math behind every decision they make - now you can too. Matthew Hilger is also the author of the best-selling Internet poker book, Internet Texas Hold'em and is coauthor, with Ian Taylor, of The Poker Mindset.

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May 29, 2007

US Internet Gambling Restrictions Illegal, So Says The WTO, and... Antigua

It seems that the tiny country of Antigua, while not only a lovely vacation spot, is also an angry Internet gambling afficionado! When the World Trade Organization recently ruled that the US's Internet gambling restrictions were illegal, Antiugua, and other countries, expectected the US to comply with its obligations. The US did not, and now Antigua is on the legal warpath.

This might seem like David and Goliath, but it turns out David has lots of friends who also are none to happy with the US's ban on Internet Gambling. We will most certainly be keeping an eye on whats happening.

Find out more about this story over at the Gambling Planet news room.

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May 25, 2007

Bringing Some Casino Art Home

Ever wander about a casino, and stare at all the beautiful art that decorates it? Most casinos spend a considerable budget on art, all to give your eyes something beautiful to look at while you visit.

If you are interested in bringing some art into your own home, you don't have to go out and buy crazy expensive paintings or sculptures at auction, you can go a long way by simply getting some beautiful high-quality prints.

They don't necessarily have to be casino-related, but hey.. you're at, so we figure you'd appreciate these:




Visit for a massive selection of prints, frames and more.

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May 24, 2007

Massachusetts Trying to Beat Native Americans at Their Own Game

We guess this goes under.. if you can't join 'em... beat 'em.

It looks as though Massachusetts may be making a play to beat the newly recognized Mashpee Wampanoag tribe to build a casino in the bay state. The Boston Herald has the story:

State Treasurer Timothy Cahill is proposing to beat the Mashpee Wampanoag Indian tribe into the casino business by partnering with private developers to build one or more destination resort casinos in the state, Cahill spokeswoman Alison Mitchell said Thursday.
Cahill was scheduled to outline his proposal at a meeting of the Greater Boston Chamber on Thursday morning.
The Cape Cod-based Mashpee Wampanoags, whose federal recognition becomes official on Thursday, have already purchased options on land in Middleborough to possibly open a casino by 2010. The tribe is also considering New Bedford as a site for a casino.

Head over to the Herald for more.

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May 23, 2007

Win $50 Bucks at Tool Snob

Toolsnobwebsite 052107 250 -1

Thanks for being an avid reader of our blog which is published by Blogpire Productions. We'd like to share with you a new title just launched this week - Blogpire Productions started to help homeowners, contractors, and hobbyists find, not only the tools that fit their needs, but to point out the ones that don't. The wrong tool can end up costing you time, money and hours of frustration. Tool Snob aims to be the most reliable and entertaining source for the latest power tool news and reviews.

Want a really good reason to visit? If you sign up for the Tool Snob newsletter by using the form below or on the Tool Snob web site, you'll be eligible to win a $50 gift certificate from That's right, all you have to do is sign up for the newsletter and be on the list when we pick the winner at the end of June.

Sign up for the Tool Snob newsletter and win $50 bucks.

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Jerry Seinfeld at Caesar's Palace


If you are looking for a funny night out in Vegas, and you happen to be in town on June 8, June 9, Aug. 3, or Aug. 4, you may want to consider seeing that king of comedy, Jerry Seinfeld at Caesar's Palace. The man is still as funny as ever, and he is the caliber of comedian you don't often get to see.

You can order tickets at Harrah's Website, but be warned, they take you to ticketmaster, and the tickets will run between $75 and $150 plus additional ticketmaster fees. Still, laughter that good, is certainly worth the price.

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May 22, 2007

Mississippi Casinos Continue Rebound!

Its very very good to see things continunig to get back to normal in the Katrina - ravaged parts of the US. Casino City Times is reporting that Biloxi Casinos are having a record April:

BILOXI, Mississippi -- As reported by the Biloxi Sun Herald: "It was another record-setting month at Biloxi casinos in April with the seven casinos combining for a 42 percent increase in gross gaming revenue over last April and a 10 percent gain over April 2005, when nine casinos operated in Biloxi pre-Katrina.

Sure.. seven casinos is good, but Cmon Biloxi! Lets get nine back up! In fact. why not go for an even ten!

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May 19, 2007

Jack Colton Says: How to Plan a Bachelor Party


Well, spring is here, and summer is not that far behind. And we know what that means... wedding season. Of course, with wedding season, comes BACHELOR PARTY SEASON! Las Vegas is THE place for a bachelor party, but it is also a viscious jungle of tourist traps. Who oh who can save us from becoming lunch for some hungry capitalist?


As always, our favorite Vegas style-ite has the goods on how to plan things right, and see that the night goes off without a hitch for you and your friends.

Here's a peek:

You always want to have a good balance of personalities in any group situation, and a Vegas Bachelor Party is certainly no exception. Avoid any awkward "unvites" by limiting your invitation list to people that you (and your bachelor) know well and that you've already had lots of great stories with. And whatever you do, don't be afraid to leave "that guy" (the one that everyone secretly hates) at home.

Step # 2) Choose a date range that works for most of the group.
Plan your Vegas Bachelor Party keeping everyone's work schedules and known family events in mind, and since you are a large group of guys - try to not book your big trip on a very busy Holiday weekend (especially if you plan on going to any nightclubs). Once you've nailed down a couple of solid possibilities (do not rule out mid-week dates), check out Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz for the best airline and hotel rates. Talk to everyone and agree on the best time to get everything booked and, if possible, have everyone book their flights and hotel rooms at the same time so that everyone will get to town and be in the same place at around the same time.

Head over to Jack's site for the rest of the list and more!

Oh.. and for a great movie on how NOT to have a Vegas bachelor party, check out Very Bad Things, it still gives us the willies!

David Boyer, author of Bachelor Party Confidential, has piped in on the comments section, and we wanted to make sure his link was link-able to his book and website, so here it is:

Bachelor Party Confidential on Amazon and the Book's Official Website

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May 14, 2007

A Blast From the Past: Punchboards!


We were recently reminded of a great old gambling game called the Punchboard. You surely have seen this type of game in action, most likely in such venues as The Price is Right.


But the truth is, these games were once all the rage! At least, so says Wikipedia. Of course, Wikipedia also mentions that they are ripe for cheating, but we know that if modern casinos were to bring these games back, they would be closely regulated.

So consider this a call to action to the casinos out there... We want to see some punchboard action again! Giant elaborate ones! Perhaps this could even spark a whole art craze to see who could create the biggest most elaborate punchboards! And how do you serve them up? Easy, when a member of your "players club", or however you name it, swipes their player card, they are entitled to one punch on your massive punchboard. Its a win/win for you and the players. Hold it on a big stage in a central spot, call some attention to it, and we have a recipe for fun!

So we here at Casino Snob has spoken, we want to see Punchboards make a comeback.

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May 12, 2007

Las Vegas Convention Center Getting Upgraded

The Casino City Times has the scoop:

LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- The cost of keeping Las Vegas ahead of the competition just increased by $153 million.

But tourism boosters say paying extra money beats the alternative of a gradual decline in business that could cost the local economy more than $5 billion in lost opportunity without an upgrade.

That's why the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority on Tuesday voted unanimously to approve an $890 million upgrade to the Las Vegas Convention Center, an increase over the previous cost estimate of $737 million.

The upgrades are meant to help Las Vegas maintain its position as the top trade show destination in America. Renovation proponents say over time the investment will return $5.60 to the economy for every dollar spent.

The work, scheduled to be complete by the end of 2011, comes as Southern Nevada's top trade show competitors are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into renovations of their own. Members of the Las Vegas authority board want to stop them from chipping into the $8.2 billion trade shows and conventions contribute to the local economy.

Its nice to see that Vegas cares about keeping its convention status a priority. We need to get to more conventions there. Blogger's convention in Vegas anyone?

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May 10, 2007

World Series of Poker Entry for Under a Buck?

We had to scratch our heads at this news story that Gambling Planet had up:

While some players battle it out at online satellite tournaments, PlayersOnly players have found an even easier way to get to the WSOP. The winner of the WSOP Low Bid Auction currently running on the popular casino, poker and sportsbetting site – the bidder with the lowest unique bid – will get a $12K WSOP prize package for the price of their winning bid. Since there are a number of values under a dollar that haven’t yet received bids, the winner may actually get himself to the WSOP Main Event for a buck or less. ....

The WSOP Prize Package being auctioned includes airfare, accommodation and enough cash to register in the ultimate poker tournament, the World Series of Poker Main Event, which will be held in Las Vegas July 6 – 17 at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Bids can be placed online at Bids can also be placed by cell phone by text (Full Phone Bid instructions also at Any registered player can place bids and players can place as many bids as they want. Registration is free, however accepts registrations from U.S. residents only. There is a charge of US$1.99 per bid – but the first bid online is FREE.

This is actually a very interesting form of bidding. One would assume that the lowest bids (.01, .02..etc) will have more than one bidder, and so they will not be winning bids, but then again, maybe they WANT us to think that!

WE CLAIM $0.81 !!!!!

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May 4, 2007

The Magical Casino Tie

Don't ask us how it happened, we don't quite remember. For sure it was somewhere between that third glass of scotch, and that vicious beating we took at the Mandalay Bay poker tables. But one way or another, we ended up in a magical place, and we were wearing this tie.


You might think that such a tie would confuse your enemies. That perhaps they would give away some kind of tell to you while you they were lost in the ornate magic that is the "The Casino Floor" tie. That with them entranced by the irregular lines and colors, you could clean their pockets with only a top pair. You'd be wrong.

This tie won't improve your poker game in the least. What it will do however, is give you some style when you sit down to play. Sure, we didn't win that night. But we will never forget the way she smelled when she ran her hand along its polyester length, and invited us for drinks.

Your magical mileage may vary, but there is only one way to find out. Get yourself one of these magical casino ties, dress to kill, and see where the night takes you.

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May 2, 2007

Luxury Bowling Lanes Open at the Red Rock in Las Vegas

Red Rock Lanes

Red Rock Lanes has opened up at the new Red Rock casino and resort in Las Vegas, and the word is, its bowling like you've never done it before.

Here's the skinny from the Casnio City Times:

Red Rock Resort's newly opened 72-lane bowling alley isn't the largest in the Las Vegas Valley. But in a town already popular for bowling tournaments, the lanes are becoming significant elements of casinos as they market themselves as all-ages entertainment centers.

"This is the next step up," said Dennis Mathews, Red Rock Lanes' bowling operations manager. Mathews has been playing host to bowling operators from across the country who are buzzing about the obvious differences with the center's lower-rent peers.

There's the deluxe bar with a carpet that glows under a black light. There are the gun metal and wood-inlaid chairs, with ne'er a plastic chair in sight. There's the printed screen above each lane featuring Red Rock Canyon, reminding bowlers of the beauty of open desert (without the drawback of scorching heat).

But the real reason for the buzz lies beyond a doorway of hanging metal beads, where 12 bowling lanes await in a separate room resembling a jet - set lounge. The space can be divided into three rooms of four lanes each, with each boasting a nightclub-quality sound system, special-effects lighting and 120-foot-long projection screens that can display music videos, movies and television shows.

Nearby meeting rooms feature laptop hookups and 65-inch plasma TVs.

Renting four lanes for three hours will set you back about $1,500 - not including catered food and bottle service.

Wow, this is both hot, and cool! Sure, the price is high for the primo-lanes, but surely a swanky night wouldn't be complete without some sweet action on the old oiled wood ...*cough*.

We wonder what Jack Colton will think of this place.

Visit the Red Rock site for more info.

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