August 31, 2007

Fat Tan Odds From the Wizard Himself

We've not yet been to Macau, and we have never even heard of Fat Tan, but it sounds like a fascinating game. And who else would we turn to but the Wizard of Odds, to give us the low down on a brand new game to us.

Here's the skinny, right from the Wizard:

Fan-Tan is a game I noticed at the larger casinos in Macau in August 2007. The game uses a pile of white buttons, a cup, and a wand. The game is played on a table about the size of a large craps table. The middle is the dealer's territory, which is covered by a clear plastic dome. On either side of the table are betting areas where up to about ten players on each side may play comfortably, or more unconfortably, which is sometimes the case. The betting portions of the table are plastic. After the outcome is determined all winning bets will be illuminated, the same way as in Sic Bo.

Play starts with the dealer placing a cup over some of the buttons, in my experiece an average of about 60 of them. Then players will place bets among many to choose from. Next, the dealer will remove the cup and use the wand to count off the buttons underneath in groups of four, until zero to three remain. All bets will win or lose accordng to this remainder of the number of buttons divided by four. Wins are based on fair odds, but on only 95% of the bet amount. It is important to note that the 5% commission is deducted before applying the fair odds. This is unlike buying or laying odds in craps, where the win is determined based on the full bet, and then the commission applied, which favors the player. Following are the bets available. All wins are on a "to one" basis, adjusting for the commission.

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August 27, 2007

MGM Grand Detroit Will Shutdown Before Their Grand Opening

One might first ask, how in fact, they are open in the first place if they are about to have a "grand opening". Maybe there was a "mediocre opening" first?

At any rate, if you plan to gamble at the MGM Grand Detroit, on or around October 1st, you should probably take a day off.

Casino City Times has the story:

As reported by the Detroit News: "For about 36 hours leading up to the opening of the new MGM Grand Detroit on Oct. 2, the gaming company's temporary casino will go dark.

"Which means MGM customers will have to go somewhere else to gamble, which means MGM Grand Detroit will lose about $2 million in revenue, or $1.35 million a day, $56,249 an hour, $937 per minute or $15.62 a second. Other losers: Michigan and Detroit, who won't collect $480,000 in gambling taxes. The numbers are based on figures MGM reported to the state for the first six months of 2007.

"While the casino will take a small hit, MGM officials believe the closing will ensure a smooth transition from its temporary casino to the new $800 million casino, hotel and entertainment complex a few blocks north on Third Street.

Temporary casino.. who'd have thunk it. Well, if the temporary casino was making that kind of money, we can't wait to see how spectacular the permanent casino will be!

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August 22, 2007

Turbulent Market Even Effecting Hooters

We always love a good story about Hooters.

From Casino City Times:

The proposed sale of Hooters Hotel is being slowed by the turbulent debt market, according to the developer who has an agreement to purchase the property.

Richard Bosworth of Hedwigs Las Vegas Top Tier said the investment group is still working to buy the off-Strip hotel-casino for approximately $235 million, $95 million cash plus the assumption of debt.

However, he said, the volatile credit market has caused Hedwigs to re-evaluate some financing options tied to the deal.

"The capital market condition is out of our control," Bosworth said. "It doesn't put the deal at risk. It changes the pricing, some of the financial analytics of the deal."

Bosworth is president of a Santa Monica, Calif.-based advisory firm NTH Advisory Group, which jointly owns Hedwigs with a private equity investor he declined to identify.

"It is a very challenging time in the debt markets," said Mike Hessling, president of 155 East Tropicana, Hooters' parent company.

Hessling said during a second-quarter earnings call that he has not yet heard whether Hedwigs has obtained financing for the deal.

Speculation surrounding the Hooters sale comes a week after the neighboring Tropicana postponed a $2.5 billion redevelopment project at the 34.5-acre property, citing a recent downturn in the credit market.

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August 20, 2007

Are You Ready for Some Football?


Well, the time has come again, its that glorious time of year for cookouts, cool breezes, and of course, football. The pre-season is well underway and now is the time to get in on a Fantasy Football league.

I know what you're thinking, *but I don't know anything about football!*. Not a problem, today's online tools make it so easy, even a monkey can join a league and participate. The best part is, most of these tools are free! Still not sure? Here are some guides to help you out:

A Fantastic Guide for Fantasy Football Newbs on Squidoo.

We really enjoy'd this "Mental Defective's Guide to Fantasy Football"

All About How Fantasy Football Works

ESPN Fantasy Football Guide

So get on it! Sign up to or create a Fantasy League today, while there is still time!

ESPN Fantasy Football
Yahoo Fantasy Football

Image From Flickr

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August 17, 2007

Playboy Comedy at the Palms


If you crave some comedy that actually has an edge to it, then you should definitely check out Playboy Comedy at the Palms. But don't expect to walk in, shows are booked well into October! So plan ahead!

Here's a snippet of review from

The Las Vegas comedy circuit just got juiced.

Playboy Comedy has come to town and found a home at the star-studded Palms Casino Resort.

There, in the Palms Lounge, co-creator Paul Hughes emcees furiously funny evenings of adult-oriented comedy. Cort McCown is also co-creator of the tour.

Playboy Comedy performances have an edgy, exciting feel. The lounge seating makes them seem like an in-crowd affair. It also makes it easy for Hughes and his comedic guests to interact with the crowd.

Head over to to order tickets.

Check out the Playboy Club at the Palms.

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August 15, 2007

Five in One Ash Coffee Table Gaming Station


Sometimes you want to have a sweet home gaming station, but you either don't have the room, or you don't want to have all of that stuff lying around your place all the time. And for those times, here is a nice looking five in one ash coffee table gaming station from

Here's the site's blurb:

Where can you go to play Black Jack, Roulette, Craps, Chess or Checkers all in one place? Las Vegas? Reno? Atlantic City? Monaco?

How about your own living room?

Yes, with this 5 in 1 Casino Gaming Coffee Table, you can play all those games complete in one table. By day, the Casino Gaming Table is a stylish coffee table. But by night (or any other time of day you fancy a gamble), it's your very own casino in the corner! It easily converts in seconds from coffee table to gaming table; just remove the tabletop, and all you need is there. Use it to play Roulette, Blackjack, Chess, Checkers and Craps.

As well as being a top quality gaming set, this table is practical too. You probably haven't got a spare gambling room. That's why this is such a good idea. When you're not using it to play your favorite casino game, you can just use it as a very classy coffee table. The ash finish of this table will blend in with any surroundings, and it won't take up the whole room.

On the flip side of the table lid is a Black jack layout, same as the pros use. Integrated in the table is a removable wooden insert with a roulette layout on one side and a printed chess board on the other, suitable for checkers too. Take off the insert and set inside the table is a craps layout complete with felt-covered sides to protect the table's finish from even the most zealous of dice throwers. All layouts are covered by casino-style green felt. And found on the outer rim of the table and also on the blackjack side of the table top, you can find grooved chip holders, just another feature of this versatile table.

There is even a concealed accessory box, to place your other playing pieces when not in use. The box is also wood construction and felt lined.

* Includes: chips, chip holder, cards, dice, roulette wheel, chess pieces, checkers, and all accessories needed.
* Game and assembly instructions included.
* Some assembly required.
* Measurements: Width 22", Height 21.25", Length 48.43"
* Weight: 79.5 lbs.

They have a list price of $379.99 and to us, that sounds like a steal. Check it out at

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August 14, 2007

Win Prizes from MvixUSA and Our New Site!


If you didn't know, this site is part of a larger network of sites from Blogpire Productions and we'd like to tell you about a new site that's part of the Blogpire - If you want to learn how to stream music, movies, and TV around your house - is for you. We're excited about our new site, and we're really excited about giving away lots of cool high tech prizes!

We've teamed up with MvixUSA to giveaway some T-Shirts and if enough people sign up - some Mvix Media Centers. The type of prize you can win depends on how many people sign up for our newsletter at This giveaway will be a tiered giveaway, so the more users that sign up, the bigger the prizes. If more than 500 ( U.S.) users sign up, Mvix will give away All of the following prizes. All winners will be chosen by the end of the giveaway, and be chosen via random drawing.

  • (10) MvixUSA T-shirts - 100 signups or more
  • (1) Mvix MV-4000U Media Center - 250 signups or more
  • (1) Mvix MX-760HD Media Center - 500 signups or more

This giveaway is open to U.S. participants only and ends August 31st, 2007.

To be eligible to win, all you have to do to win is be part of the Networking Audio Video mailing list. Click here to be part of the mailing list or sign up by using the form below.

Enter your Email to Win!

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UK Bans Gambling Advertisement

It looks like online gambling in the UK isn't as safe as we thought.
The British government has dealt a blow to around a thousand gambling websites after it banned them from advertising in the UK. The government determined that despite the firms having been granted licences to run internet poker and casino websites, the offshore countries in which they were based do not have stringent enough regulations.

Accordingly, from September onwards any online firm based in gaming hotspots such as Costa Rica, the Netherlands Antilles and Belize will not be able to market in the UK, which will prevent well-known sites including Betfred Casino and from advertising online, on TV, and in papers and magazines.

Read more at Gambling Planet

Image from Flickr

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August 10, 2007

Is Vegas CityCenter Construction Site Cursed?

News today of a rather gruesome death at the construction site of the CityCenter in Las Vegas. This one gives us the willies, but the worst part is, its the 3rd death on the site.

The Casino City Times has the story:

A construction worker was killed Thursday at a Strip construction site when he was cut in half by a counter-weight system used to operate an elevator, authorities said.

The accident occurred just after 6 p.m. at the Pelli Tower at MGM Mirage's CityCenter project, as the worker leaned into the frame of the counter-weight system to grease it, said Scott Allison, spokesman for the Clark County Fire Department.

While the worker was bending over, he was struck by the counter-weight system as it came down at about 300 feet per minute, Allison said.

Part of the worker's body ended up on the second floor, and the other half landed in the basement, Allison said.

The worker was most likely killed instantly.

"He probably had no idea what hit him," Allison said.

Of course.. it could just be that this construction project is massive, and accidents are bound to happen. But curses are way cooler.

Visit the MGM Mirage City Center website.

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August 9, 2007

A Dining Reality at the Red Rock


Here at the Casino Snob, we recently stumbled onto the reality show Hell's Kitchen. This is a show that pits chefs against each other in a high-pressure restaurant run to the exacting standards of Chef Gordon Ramsay.

The kick is, the winners of each season get a dream job in their own restaurant. The winner of the second season of the show was Heather West, and as her prize, she became the Senior Chef at the Terra Rosa gourmet Italian restaurant at the Red Rock casino and resort in Las Vegas. If you are in Vegas, and you happen to be visiting the Red Rock, we highly recommend you swing by Terra Rossa and try out its fine fare.

The winner of this, the third season of Hell's Kitchen, will get a shot at a restaurant at The Green Valley Ranch, also in Las Vegas. We are eager to see who wins, as well as see what new dining experience will show up a the Green Valley Ranch.

The Red Rock Resort and Spa
Terra Rossa
Green Valley Ranch

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August 7, 2007



Looks like this Ocean's Elveven is now Ocean's Ten:

The alleged ringleader of a $1.5 million Indian casino heist, an inside job in which 10 workers were hogtied, has been arrested, authorities said Monday.

Rolando Luis Ramos, 25, a video security technician at the Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, was arrested Saturday at a hotel near Los Angeles International Airport and booked for investigation of strong arm robbery, false imprisonment, kidnapping and battery, Riverside County Sheriff's Sgt. Dennis E. Gutierrez said in a statement.

Read the rest over at Gambling Planet.

If we've said it once, we've said it a hundred times. Don't think you can put one over on casinos! They know their security! But if you insist on doing it... you may want to have your passport ready BEFORE you rob the place!

Image at Flickr

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August 6, 2007

MGM Grand Coming to Detroit in October

You know we love to hear news that a new casino is opening up, and this time the Motor City is the lucky winner of a brand new MGM Grand! We have been to Detroit before, and the usual gaming opportunities are sadly over the border in Canada. Now it looks like Detroit is going to put up its own fight and keep that gaming in the good ole' USA!

Casino City Times
has the story:

MGM Grand Detroit today announced that it will open its more than $800 million hotel and entertainment destination on October 2 raising Detroit's luxury hospitality offerings to unparalleled heights. Upon opening, MGM MIRAGE (NYSE:MGM) will have invested more than $1 billion into the community, demonstrating its commitment to the redevelopment of downtown Detroit and its intent to fuel economic growth while increasing business and leisure travel to the area. MGM Grand Detroit is owned by MGM MIRAGE and Partners Detroit, a group of local Detroit investors.
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