October 8, 2007

Jack Colton Says: How to Survive a Killer Hangover


Why is there a picture of some sexy woman's behind on the cover of this article about hangovers?

Because Jack Colton says so, that's why.

Jack Colton has plenty to teach us about life in Vegas, and this article about How to Survive a Killer Hangover, is nothing short of critical survival information.

Here's a snip:

Quick ways to help avoid hangovers:

• Know your limits. Don’t drink too much.
• Eat before you go out, and snack throughout the night.
• Drink a bottle of water in between drinks.
• Drink some AH+ Hangover drink before or after drinking. It helps.
• Take a couple of Ibuprofen before going to sleep.

Now that you know how to avoid one, go let Jack teach you about what to do if you got one anyway.

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July 13, 2007

Jack Colton Says: Bare Topless Pool Lounge Rules


So very few of us can reach that level of style and sophistication that just oozes from Jack Colton. He is our oracle for anything related to the party scene in Vegas. And today he provides us with a titillating review of Bare Pool Lounge, a topless pool and lounge for the party-goer.


It's an intimate atmosphere that most would kill to enjoy: topless women, millionaires, celebrities, perfectly mixed summertime drinks, sundrenched cabanas, and a cocktail staff keen on serving your every need. Enter BARE Pool at the Mirage Hotel and Casino. Neatly tucked away within a secluded section of the Mirage swimming pool that has full view of Dolphins swimming in the Secret Garden, this exclusive pool party takes its daytime operational cues from the best that its Las Vegas nightlife counterparts offer, and delivers it all in a package that directly caters to some of the most beautiful and powerful people in all the world.

Not everyone is guaranteed entry into BARE Pool, nor is any cabana reservation 100% set in stone. This 450 capacity venue is quite literally the only one of it's kind within any of the MGM Mirage properties (MGM Grand, Mirage, Treasure Island, Mandalay Bay, NY NY, Luxor, and Bellagio), which means casino hosts are often flooding BARE Pool with their high-rollers, celebrities, models, and powerful executives.

*As an example, while at BARE I recently ran into Leonardo Dicaprio just before meeting a guy who casually mentioned how he just bought Aloha Airlines. It's just that VIP.

Read the rest of his review over at Jack Colton.com. And visit Bare's official site while you're at it. As for us.. we're heading to take a cold shower.

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July 11, 2007

Art We Can All Love: A Gallery of Casino Carpeting

Alot of work goes into choosing the look of a casino. And a large part of that look, is in the carpeting on the gaming floors and elsewhere. Well, someone has finally put some attention to this aspect of casnio beauty. Behold, a collection of carpet galleries:

New York, New York, Las Vegas

Wynn, Las Vegas

MGM Grand, Las Vegas

See oh so many more at The Die is Cast Casino Carpet Galleries
Found via Boing Boing

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June 8, 2007

Greg "Fossil Man" Raymer Lizard Eyes Glasses


You can imagine what its like to be sitting on a massive call, turning to your opponent in an attempt to discern some tell from him by staring into the pools of his eyes, only to be rewarded by the cold stare back from the glassy orbs of a reptile. This is what it must be like playing against Greg "Fossil Man" Raymer.

Now, that cold empty fear, can also be what your opponents feel when they look to you! Behold, the Greg Raymer lizard eyes glasses!


Now you have what you need to strike deep mamalian fear into the hearts of your opponents! Oh, and if you REALLY want to help your table image, eat a live mouse or two.

"Fossil Man"'s homepage
Lizard Eye Glasses at Amazon

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May 25, 2007

Bringing Some Casino Art Home

Ever wander about a casino, and stare at all the beautiful art that decorates it? Most casinos spend a considerable budget on art, all to give your eyes something beautiful to look at while you visit.

If you are interested in bringing some art into your own home, you don't have to go out and buy crazy expensive paintings or sculptures at auction, you can go a long way by simply getting some beautiful high-quality prints.

They don't necessarily have to be casino-related, but hey.. you're at CasinoSnob.com, so we figure you'd appreciate these:




Visit Art.com for a massive selection of prints, frames and more.

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May 19, 2007

Jack Colton Says: How to Plan a Bachelor Party


Well, spring is here, and summer is not that far behind. And we know what that means... wedding season. Of course, with wedding season, comes BACHELOR PARTY SEASON! Las Vegas is THE place for a bachelor party, but it is also a viscious jungle of tourist traps. Who oh who can save us from becoming lunch for some hungry capitalist?


As always, our favorite Vegas style-ite has the goods on how to plan things right, and see that the night goes off without a hitch for you and your friends.

Here's a peek:

You always want to have a good balance of personalities in any group situation, and a Vegas Bachelor Party is certainly no exception. Avoid any awkward "unvites" by limiting your invitation list to people that you (and your bachelor) know well and that you've already had lots of great stories with. And whatever you do, don't be afraid to leave "that guy" (the one that everyone secretly hates) at home.

Step # 2) Choose a date range that works for most of the group.
Plan your Vegas Bachelor Party keeping everyone's work schedules and known family events in mind, and since you are a large group of guys - try to not book your big trip on a very busy Holiday weekend (especially if you plan on going to any nightclubs). Once you've nailed down a couple of solid possibilities (do not rule out mid-week dates), check out Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz for the best airline and hotel rates. Talk to everyone and agree on the best time to get everything booked and, if possible, have everyone book their flights and hotel rooms at the same time so that everyone will get to town and be in the same place at around the same time.

Head over to Jack's site for the rest of the list and more!

Oh.. and for a great movie on how NOT to have a Vegas bachelor party, check out Very Bad Things, it still gives us the willies!

David Boyer, author of Bachelor Party Confidential, has piped in on the comments section, and we wanted to make sure his link was link-able to his book and website, so here it is:

Bachelor Party Confidential on Amazon and the Book's Official Website

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May 4, 2007

The Magical Casino Tie

Don't ask us how it happened, we don't quite remember. For sure it was somewhere between that third glass of scotch, and that vicious beating we took at the Mandalay Bay poker tables. But one way or another, we ended up in a magical place, and we were wearing this tie.


You might think that such a tie would confuse your enemies. That perhaps they would give away some kind of tell to you while you they were lost in the ornate magic that is the "The Casino Floor" tie. That with them entranced by the irregular lines and colors, you could clean their pockets with only a top pair. You'd be wrong.

This tie won't improve your poker game in the least. What it will do however, is give you some style when you sit down to play. Sure, we didn't win that night. But we will never forget the way she smelled when she ran her hand along its polyester length, and invited us for drinks.

Your magical mileage may vary, but there is only one way to find out. Get yourself one of these magical casino ties, dress to kill, and see where the night takes you.

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March 19, 2007

Jack Colton Says: Get Past the Velvet Ropes!


Any reader of our site knows that we LOVE our Jack Colton. He is like some sort of demigod to us. His expertise in the Vegas night life is something that no mere mortal could have acquired. Well today's pearl of wisdom that we have been inspired by, is his advice on how you get past those pesky velvet ropes at your favorite club.


At this point you will want to break into smaller groups of two (2) or three (3) guys, and start keeping a look out for groups of girls that you might be able to merge with. Think about it. You are standing in close proximity in a relatively bright and quiet place to virtually the same crowd that you will be inside a fast-paced loud club with. Not only can you see girls in natural light (which can be a huge difference when you add club lights and a few drinks in your system), but this is a perfect chance for you to approach them without sounding like a complete sleazebag. A good line would be “I’m here with four of my friends, and we all can get in quicker if we have some girls with us. Would you and your friends like to get in quicker?” More often than not (unless they are locals), they will be more than happy to work with you.

Do you not see the brilliance of Colton? Read all the wisdom that The Colton has to offer on this topic and others, at JackColton.com

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February 16, 2007

Casino Cocktail Friday -- North East Winter Storm Edition

Has the big north east ice-out got you down? Don't fight it, just take it as a cue to turn up the fun and turn down the temperature on your weekend out!

Today's Casino Cocktail Friday is not one drink, but a class of drinks. Those drinks served with the flair of Ice! We're not talking about ice *in* the drink, we're talking about the over-the-top ways that ice can be Incorporated into the drink!


Read on to learn more about ice-drinks and the many creative ways you can try them!

ArrowContinue reading: "Casino Cocktail Friday -- North East Winter Storm Edition"

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February 6, 2007

Jack Colton Says: How to Reserve Bottle Service


Jack Colton, that wise and ever watchful mentor of the Vegas club scene, has some helpful hints for us all on how to properly reserve bottle service at our favorite clubs. If you don't know what bottle service is, you can safely skip this post, and peruse the Casino Snob archives.

Here's what Jack Says:

If you have been looking around on the internet, you have probably seen a million websites trying to get you to book your table through them. You can certainly take that route if you want to, but most industry locals would agree that the best way to reserve a table at a Las Vegas night club is to deal directly with the Las Vegas night club.


TIP # 1: The bottle minimum goes up as the number in your party associated with the table goes up. If you have a couple of people in your group who aren’t planning on drinking or splitting the bill, you might have them put on the guest list and tell them to just order from the bar. They can still sit with you at your table, but you might be able to cut down on your bottle minimum. At $300+ per bottle, that can help out a lot.

TIP # 2: If you are splitting the bill for the table with your friends, collect all of the money up front. That would be the total balance including tips. I repeat…GET THE MONEY FIRST. If you end up ordering more bottles, have everyone pay you when you order them. I can’t count the number of times I have seen people fighting about tip share at the end of the night, or never talking to friends again because so-and-so didn’t throw in money when they said they would.

Read all of what Jack has to say about reserving bottle service, and about anything else cool and on the Vegas club scene over at JackColton.com

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