July 20, 2008

World Poker Tour Makes a Deal with Fox Sports

You can't always get out to the casino floors to get in some great poker, but for the last several years, you have been able to easily catch great poker on television. The mass market appeal of the various TV shows, arguably led by the World Poker Tour, has created a massive upsurge in the popularity of the game. So Its great to hear that the show goes on, and apparently its going on Fox Sports!

Casino City Times has the story.

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July 3, 2008

Confused about the Legality of Online Gambling in the US?


No need to worry. Gambling Planet has word of a website called USA Online Gambling devoted solely to shedding some light on the murky legal waters of america's online gambling scene.

The website has been established to inform US players of their continued ability to enjoy playing poker, blackjack, slots, and other games of chance on the Internet. The website describes how the law works and why it is still possible to gamble online, listing poker rooms, sportsbooks and USA microgaming online casinos that are still accepting US players.

Thanks Gambling Planet for giving everyone the heads up! And thanks US Online Gambling for helping to clarify things!

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June 20, 2008

Ask the Wizard!


image from flickr

We have long been proponents of the Wizard of Odds. That site is like a warm blanket of knowledge and straight talk about how all our favorite casino games work. The wizard provides us with deep insights, and irrefutable logic. And so we are pleased to know that when we're stumped with a gaming question, we can always ask the wizard for help.

This is just the kind of question we love to ask to:

Hi, Wizard. Let's say I have $300 to gamble with, and can accept a 25% risk of ruin. What should I do to maximize my upside? Thanks!

Head on over to the wizard's archive of answers to find the answer. And Yep.. we guessed right ;)

If you have your own question, why not ask the Wizard, and perhaps he will grace you with the wisdom of his answer.

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June 18, 2008

Dice Cup

Dice Cup

If your home casino is the kind that enjoys rollin' the bones like ours is, then you won't want to miss this sweet dice cup. Nobody NEEDS to have a dice cup, as your hands can do the job just fine. But everybody loves the feel of a dice cup. The soft plonking sound of the cubes bouncing around inside a muffled container, willing fate to show the roller good fortune. Its simply seductive. Its also one of those touches that takes an ordinary home casino night to the next level.

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December 18, 2007

Six in One Casino Bar


If you can't decide whether to drink or gamble, why not do both! This sweet Six in One Casino Bar is a fantastic addition to any pad. Here are some of the features:

* A gorgeously crafted mahogany Casino Bar.

* As a bar it has 4 shelves and a wine/booze rack.

* A wooden surface for bar use.

* Reversible baize playing table tops for casino fun.

* Play Roulette, Craps, Blackjack, Baccarat and Texas Hold 'Em Poker.

* 2 dice.

* A dealer chip.

* 2 packs of playing cards.

* 6 sets of 50 playing chips.

* A banker's holder.

* A wooden rake.

* A 40cm wooden roulette wheel with ball bearing.

* Instructions for all games.

* Suitable for ages 18 years+.

* Weight: 65kg.

* Size: 137 x 77 x 68cm.

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December 7, 2007

Casino Themed Tree Ornaments


Nothing says the holidays like some casino themed christmas tree ornaments. These glass beauties will look wonderful on any tree, but they are especially suited for the gambler in your life. Our favorite is the craps table. It makes us want to get a wee stick man, and some wee dice to throw on it.

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December 6, 2007

Roulette Poster by Paulo Romero


Its sometimes difficult to find tasteful art that has casino elements in it. More often than not, casino themed art tends to lean toward the flasy or trippy vegas theme. This roulette poster by Paulo Romero on the other hand, is subdued, and reminds us of long afternoons sipping cocktails in game rooms while we enjoy the titillation of some roulette. To us, this piece just exudes that casino style we love.

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December 4, 2007

BlackJack Extreme

As we were perusing the news this morning, we discovered an intriguing story about a Hollywood movie mogul trying to spin a new casino card game he invented into the next Texas Hold'em. His game, called BlackJack Extreme sounds like an intriguing mix of poker and blackjack, with plenty of bluffing, and a chance to play the "house".

Here's a bit about the story behind this new game from KansasCity.com:

[David C.]Thomas and Internet marketing guru Mark Koetting have formed BJX Entertainment LLC and are simultaneously pitching BlackJack Extreme as a TV card-game show, an online or live casino poker room game and an electronic game joining slot machines and video poker on casino floors.

“This is very ambitious to move simultaneously into three major industries,” Thomas admitted. But he’s confident that, given a chance, the game will catch on.

“It’s fast. It’s fun,” he said. And, he added, BlackJack Extreme is even more sociable than standard blackjack or Texas Hold ’em.

And for more on the game itself, head over to the BlackJack Extreme website, where you can learn to play, watch a sample game, and see a video that gives a flavor of how a TV show might work.

Welcome to the sickest game in town. We took the best of poker, added the best of blackjack, and came up with a brand new game. If you have the heart to bluff, the courage to make big plays and the brains to stay two jumps ahead of your opponents we’ve got the game for you. It’s blackjack so the rules are familiar - you can surrender, hit, stay, double and naturals pay 3 to 2. It’s BlackJack eXtreme because everyone takes turns being the dealer. When you’re the dealer, you can bluff, fold and hit any soft hand. When you’re the player you can go all-in but take as many cards as needed to make the best hand. And card counting is allowed. Learn to Play – Play to Win.
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November 22, 2007

Giant Casino Dice

So, you think you're a big gambler? Not as big as these Huge Acrylic Heavy Duty Casino Dice. Don't be fooled, as that picture doesn't do them justice. These babies are 4 inches tall. While they may not be so practical for your everyday craps game, they make a very cool display item for your desk, or bookshelf. You could probably also get some good laughs when you bust them out at your next casino night.

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November 15, 2007

Slingo: From Casual Game to Slot Success

image from Slingo.com

Slingo is a very interesting game. What started as a casual game has now branched into mobile, slot machine, and even scratch ticket versions. And if you happen not be one of the 1 in 20 Americans who has played Slingo, now is your chance.

Here the basics from the Wikipedia Entrry:

Slingo is an online multiplayer game created in 1995 by Slingo, Inc. It features a mix of slots and bingo, as well as elements fron the classic game show The Joker's Wild (the slot machine, the Jokers, and the Devils). A player has 20 turns to "spin" the numbers below his or her bingo card. Five numbers appear, and if they are found on the card, they can be marked off. If a joker pops up, any number in the column above it can be matched.

To find out where you an try Slingo at a casino, check out the Slingo Casino listing.

To play Slingo games you can play at MSN, or Yahoo, or try many variations on slingo at Slingo.com

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