October 16, 2006

Safe Bet?


VegasPoker 274 (which appears to be nowhere near Vegas) issued a statement on Friday indicating that they intend to continue to service US players.

VegasPoker247 is pleased to announce that it's business as usual. VegasPoker247 issued the following statement today via Poker Room Manager Nick Powers:

"VegasPoker247 is pleased to assure poker players around the world that they will continue to be welcome to play on our site. VegasPoker247 is completely confident that we will be able to continue offering our US customers the very best, safest and most secure online poker experience available on the internet, including the fastest deposit and payout solutions. All new and existing VegasPoker247.com customers should feel 100% confident when playing at our tables.

"VegasPoker247 wants to remind its customers that the Safe Ports Act passed by the US Congress on September 30th neither prohibits nor makes it illegal for any US customer to transact with VegsPoker247.com. Because of this, we see no reason why our relationship with US players should change. VegasPoker247 continues to run as always. We look forward to serving our current customers and to welcoming any new players who want to play at our site.

"All player's funds are completely secure and we are exploring every available depositing options with our existing payment processors. We believe they will remain unaffected by this law and will continue to operate without interference. The US Congress has no control over the international banking systems that many of our payment providers operate within.

"We will continue to update our customers as the situation develops. In the meantime we encourage our customers to continue to enjoy their experiences at VegasPoker247. We want our customers to know that our exclusive promotions will run as promised. We look forward to serving our customers and look forward to continued growth in the coming years."

-- From the Casino City Times

It is deffinitely interesting watching as various parties decide wether or not they will still cater to US patrons. I don't know if we are ready to put our money back in just yet. We feel that the place still needs to shake down for a month or two.

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October 13, 2006

Casino Cocktail Friday -- Beer n Slots

mmm beer

Sometimes you have class. Sometimes you have style. Sometmies you are the pinnacle of the casino scene. Other times, you just drink beer and play slots. Well for all of you (and many of us) we proudly present today's Casino Cocktail Friday. We will take a look at all you need to know about playing slots, and drinking beers, and even playing slots WHILE drinking beers.

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October 6, 2006

Casino Cocktail Friday -- Let It Ride With Tequila


Its Friday yet again, and the time has come to raise a toast to a combination of game and garnish, the casino cocktail.

This week we are daring you to Let It Ride with a tequila in your hand. You can take it as a margarita, a tequila sunrise, or you can ask for some top-shelf to sip on, but either way you are pushing your luck each time you take a quaff. Before long, you know that tequila will let out the wild side in you, and what better game to play as you test the boundaries of good fortune then Let It Ride.

Let It Ride is a game that looks a bit like poker, but its just you and the cards in this game. Each bet you are asked wether you should "let it ride" or pull back your bet like some kind of coward. Starting to sound like everytime you have a certain drink? Our point exactly. Read on to learn more about Let It Ride, and some delicious Tequila.

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October 2, 2006

September Wrap Up

Another busy month here at the Casino Snob, and the time has come to do the September Wrap Up, so warm up some apple cider, and in this early October, let's remenice about the September just past.

On the gaming scene, the first thing we did is take an in depth look at BlackJack with another in our "all about" series. We covered the basics of the game, as well as a few products that we though could enhance your black jack experience.

We also took a look at some sweet products for your home casino with the high quality Kem Cards and your very own slot machine.

In addition, we reported on our happy experiences with the Winning Bid slot machine we found at Mohegan Sun.

In the Casino Style section, as always, we had a slew of Casino Cocktail Fridays covering such lovelies as The Gimlet, the Cosmopolitan, the Ace of Spades, Dumpster Juice, and the Campari and Soda.

We also pointed out the one hundred percent pure style of Jack Colton.

Finally on the news front, we pointed out many interesting stories. Among our favorites were the Roulette Device, the electronic poker table, and the money train.

We hope you found those treats interesting, and we'll do our best not to trick you as we enter October, and the heart of Fall.

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September 29, 2006

Casino Cocktail Friday -- Poker and Campari


Today's Casino Cocktail Friday is a very sneaky combination. It is all about deception and false-impressions. Today we pair together the eternal game of Poker, where you try to con some money out of fellow players, and Campari, a deceptively simple drink with a complex taste. Read on to find out how Campari, and a decent hand can lead you to striking it big at the poker table.

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September 27, 2006

The Winning Bid

Winning Bid

Slot machines have come a long way since the days when all you did was pull the lever and hear the clicking of the reels. Today's machines can be all electronic, with rich colors, vibrant themes, and catchy sounds and music. Perhaps the best part of these new machines are the great mini games that occur while you play.

While the outcome of your spin is usually pre-determined anyway, the "illusion" that you are helping to make the game pay out more can be very powerful and a ton of fun. While we visited Connecticut recently, we spent some time at Mohegan Sun, and we found one video slot we just fell in love with: WMS Gaming's "Winning Bid". Read on more to find out what we liked about this machine.

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September 26, 2006

And Mom Said Those Games Would Never Do You Good.

Did Your mom tell you you were playing too many games? Did she tell you to go outside and play instead of sharpening those board-game skills?

Well mom, take a look at this:

The much anticipated PartyGammon.com Million takes place in January, with some seats still remaining. The tournament, which offers the largest guaranteed prize pool in the history of backgammon, will take place at the famous Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in The Bahamas, from the 21st-25th January, 2007. The field will feature a maximum 128 players and consist of online qualifiers and players who directly buy-in to the tournament.

The $500,000 minimum guaranteed first prize of the PartyGammon.com Million is estimated to exceed this year's World Championship top prize five times over, with the remaining minimum $500,000 being distributed to other finishers in the main and consolation event.

A $500,000 prize to win a backgammon tournament ain't too shabby. So the next time you're thinking of getting people together to play a boardgame, you may want to consider backgammon, it may come in handy for next year's tournament!

p.s. If you can get to the Atlantis Resort and Casino in the Bahamas, you really should do it. That place is simply spectacular.

Read the whole story at the Casino City Times

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September 24, 2006

Electronic Poker Tables? Whats the world coming to?

We love poker. Its one of the few games you can play, where your wits can help mean the difference between a win and a loss. Its also one of the few games that you can interact with the house in a unique way. A poker dealer can become a part of the table's feel, and can really help make your day, even when you are getting burned on the river time and again.

So now we hear of a video that was apparantly recorded during a World Series of Poker convention that is showing off a dealer-less electronic poker table.

WHAT? Electronic Poker?

Read on to see the video, and read our response to this monstrosity!

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September 22, 2006

Casino Cocktail Friday -- Dumpster Juice and Casino War

Dumpster Juice

Ok, so we can't always be stylish. And we can't always play the games that will give us the best odds.
Allow me to quote The WIzard of Odds himself:

Casino War is without a doubt the easiest card game to play in the casino.

And it had better be easy, since after a dumpster juice or two, you will be dead on your feet. Dumpster juice is a no-frills drink for a no-frills game. Read on to find out more about this combination.

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September 21, 2006

Roulette Prediction Device?

roulette device

It seems that a nifty little device that calculates where the ball will land in Roulette is for sale in the UK.

Professional gamblers are rushing to buy £1,000 devices that they believe will enable them to win millions of pounds in casinos when the gambling industry is deregulated next year.

Hundreds of the roulette-cheating machines - which consist of a small digital time recorder, a concealed computer and a hidden earpiece - were tested at a government laboratory in 2004 after a gang suspected of using them won £1.3m at the Ritz casino in London.

After the research, which was never made public but has been seen by the Guardian, the government's gambling watchdog admitted to industry insiders that the technology can offer punters an edge when playing roulette in a casino, and the advantage can be "considerable".

People seem to agree it works, but the question is, will using it be considered cheating, or just science used to help you make a better decision (see card counting). Either way, you will likely be unceremoniously booted from the casino if you're caught.

Found via: Uber Gizmo, with story on the Guardian

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